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What’s a PURE Health Retreat?


Positive Environment


Tap into Universal Energy


Create Morning Rituals


Sustain Elevated Emotions

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All 2020 retreats are on hold

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Join Me For A Chill, 4-Day Get Away

Restore yourself back to a place of vibrant health and peace in a quaint beach house just 2 minutes from Montara State Beach and the unique Redwoods of The Magic Forest.  Come heal yourself with the ancient therapies of Yoga Science, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Astrology, and the support of 1:1 Life Coaching.

This transformational, get-away retreat will combine beautiful outdoor activities and expert health sessions.

Retreat Agenda

This is a preliminary schedule for all retreat dates. Some events or times may vary slightly.

Day 1 Thursday - Welcome to HMB

Arrival check in at 6-7pm

  • Session 1: Meet the Health Coach, Your Top 3 Health Goals
  • Session 2: Shamanic Astrology Readings
  • Session 3: Yoga Nidra – The Definition of Yoga Nidra & Practice


Day 2 Friday - Let's Go Inward & Then Explore

Morning breakfast bars

  • Session 1 – Yoga Flow Class (all levels welcome)
  • Hike to The Magic Forest
  • Session 2 – Meditation at the top of the trail on historic log
  • Session 3 – Shamanic Astrology Readings
  • Session 4 – Yoga Nidra – Energy Healing
  • Session 5 – 1:1 Life Coaching Sessions


Day 3 Saturday - Relax, Relax, Relax

Morning breakfast banana bars

  • Session 1 – Yoga Flow Class (all levels welcome)
  • Session 2 – Walk the house grounds, hike the Pacific Coast trail or read a book/journal in the living room
  • Session 3 – 1:1 Life Coaching & Astrology Sessions


Enjoy the Evening

Day 4 Sunday - Transformation and Tribe
  • Session 1 – Yoga For Hips & Meditation (all levels welcome)
  • Session 2 – Share your contact information with new friends Goodbye Ceremony
  • Session 3 – Check out 11am

What you get

Accommodations in a beautiful Half Moon Bay beach house

Fabulous hike through the Magic Forest

Delicious organic vegetarian meals + a 1 morning juice cleanse

Your personal 1:1 astrology session and astrology map

Custom yoga flow and yoga nidra daily classes

Two 1:1 life coaching sessions to help you set and achieve your goals

All the tools and principles to help you lead a healthier, destressed life once you get back home

Make lasting connections and form a new tribe of healthy friends

You are soooo ready for a PURE Health Retreat if . . .


  • You can’t stop checking your phone 150 times a day
  • You know deep down that multitasking is just not workin’ for ya anymore like it used to (or thought it used to)
  • You call “relaxing” catching up with your shows on Netflix while folding laundry and answering back and forth texts from your boss
  • You are so tense your shoulders are up to your ears and you haven’t seen your neck in weeks
  • You want to start feeling good again — more energy, less stress, healthy, more connected, happy

“Melissa is a great coach. She has grounded me in the use of Meditation and I now use it throughout my day. 

Her expertise and great fundamental knowledge of meditation was invaluable!

Awesome guided meditation hour … forgot to mention, my headache is gone!”


President, Peninsula Capital

“What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Just one evening of Melissa’s Coaching program made me feel ready to conquer the fears and commit to a positive higher self!

Melissa is so professional and made everyone feel at ease and ready to manifest they really want. If you want to Live In Gratitude, this is the perfect coach for you!”


San Carlos

Melissa does a great job helping to identify those areas which are out of balance, and a path to improvement. For me, my nutrition was a big problem, although I didn’t know it, and my stress levels contributed to all sorts of eating and sleeping challenges. Melissa helped me to get on a plan that keeps my life in a balance.


CEO, ConnectUp

Included in the Retreat

$1,897 per person (for a shared room)*

50% due upon registration

  • Covers all fixed costs, accommodations at our beautiful  home, all vegetarian meals on the itinerary, all workout/yoga sessions, two 1-1 life coaching sessions, a 1-1 astrology session, and all activities listed on the itinerary. 
  • If you are interested in a private room, email me for this cost (this is an option).
*If you need a payment plan, please email me, I can accommodate this.

Not Included

Transportation to and from the house in Half Moon Bay.
Any meals or drinks (alcoholic beverages – we ask that you limit wine and other alcoholic beverages to the last night of the retreat) outside the PURE Health Retreat itinerary offerings.
  • Horseback Riding
    Bike Riding
  • Massage – Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
  • Optional travel insurance
Questions? Contact me.

Retreat Interest Form

Let’s de-stress together this long weekend.

Did you know that the average adult is now checking their phone 150 times a day. Yes, 150 times, that is crazy! We are so “on”, our adrenal glands are shot, we cannot lose weight because we are constantly running on the hormonal system of “fight or flight”, and we actually think multi-tasking is a good thing. It is NOT. I know it is hard to get started with meditation and a daily yoga practice, that is why I created these RETREATS to help you unplug, learn to take care of yourself, and let our circle of women befriend and support you.

Get Your Calm On So You Can Get Your Real On


Gotta question for me?  Contact me.

Is this retreat for women only?


Can I bring my bestie?

Absolutely an experience worth sharing. But, most retreaters have never met before. And guess what? They make actual friends. Imagine that!

Leave your furry (or not so furry) pets at home.  As much as I love my little fluff ball, he would disctract me from giving 100% to this retreat.

Can I afford to take the time off for this?

The better you take care of yourself the better you show up in everything from personal relationships to work to parenting. Sure you will always have commitments, but this retreat is about putting your health & wellness first. Find the time and make yourself a priority. You deserve it.

Can I afford this?

This retreat is an investment in yourself. It is a commitment to making real, lasting change in yourself and your life. So, if money is tight, consider your priorities on what you spend money on now. If you can pass on that double latte everyday, skip dining out or (gasp) cancel your streaming subscriptions for a year, you may find can afford this retreat.

Hi I'm Melissa

I founded PURE Health Retreats because I kept seeing over and over that my coaching clients and yoga students were stressed to the max.  I wanted to provided a welcoming space for women to destress and learn how to take better care themselves through meditation, yoga, coaching and healthy lifestyle choices.   As a  a Certified Life Coach, 500 E-RYT Vinyasa Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer, my goal is to help you become a better you.

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